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Password Reset (CM/ECF, PACER, and Attorney Services Portal Accounts)

Lost CM/ECF Password Instructions

The CM/ECF Password Reset feature will only work if the primary email address on file in the account holder's CM/ECF account is correct. If the primary email address for the CM/ECF account is incorrect, you will need to email the CM/ECF helpdesk at with the account holder's full name, current email address, and last 4 digits of SS number.

  1. Open the CM/ECF login page:

  3. Select "click here."


  5. Enter your CM/ECF login ID (begins with "co...") or the primary email address of your CM/ECF account, type the "Captcha" word provided and "Submit."


  7. An email will be sent to the primary email address associated with your CM/ECF account if and only if the primary email address is correct. If you use a CM/ECF Login ID to reset the password, both the primary email address and the CM/ECF login ID (begins with "co...") must be correct.


  9. Open the email and select the link.


  11. Enter your CM/ECF login ID (begins with "co...") and your new CM/ECF password. Confirm the CM/ECF password and "Submit."


  13. If you were successful, you will receive the following notice. To login, select the link.