The United States District Court
District of Colorado

Hon. Marcia S. Krieger, Chief Judge
Jeffrey P. Colwell Esq., Clerk of Court

Our mission is to serve the public by providing a fair and impartial forum that ensures equal access to justice in accordance with the rule of law, protects rights and liberties of all persons, and resolves cases in a timely and efficient manner.

Fee Schedule - Effective December 1, 2014

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Filing civil complaint or notice of removal (fees to be paid together)
  Docket Fee $350.00
  Administrative fee for filing a civil action, suit, or proceeding in a district court. Approved by the Judicial Conference of the United States at its September 2012 session. (This fee does not apply to persons granted in forma pauperis status under 28 U.S.C. § 1915 or to an application for writ of habeas corpus.) $50.00
Filing an application for writ of habeas corpus $5.00
Jury fee None
Filing responsive pleading, motion, or third-party pleadings None
Certification of any document or paper $11.00
Certificate of Judgment $11.00
Certificate of Search $30.00
Registering judgment from another district (rj case) $46.00
Filing or indexing any paper not in a case or proceeding for which a case filing fee has been paid (mc and y cases) $46.00
Registration or revocation of power of attorney (sureties) $46.00
Reproduction of any record or paper (per sheet) $0.50
Production of a document from computer system (per page) $0.10
Duplicate certificate of admission/certificate of good standing $18.00
Admission of attorney to practice in U. S. District Court for the District of Colorado [Effective July 15, 2013] $211.00
Bar renewal fee (Applicable to all U.S. District and Bankruptcy Court Bar members Admitted prior to 2013, excepting federal government attorneys, resigned Bar members, and attorneys admitted from Jan. 1, 2013 onwards) $50.00
Notice of Appeal (fees to be paid together)
Docket fee $500.00
Filing fee $5.00
Appeal to a district judge from conviction by magistrate judge/misdemeanor case $37.00
Witness fee per day $40.00
Witness mileage, round-trip (per mile) $0.56
Retrieval of one box of records from a Federal Records Center, National Archives, or other storage location removed from the place of business of the court $64.00
Record retrievals involving multiple boxes, for each additional box $39.00
Reproduction of an audio recording of a court proceeding $30.00
Fee for any payment returned or denied for insufficient funds $53.00
Exemplification of any document or paper $21.00
Processing fee for a petty offense charged on a federal violation notice $25.00