The United States District Court
District of Colorado

Hon. Philip A. Brimmer, Chief Judge
Jeffrey P. Colwell Esq., Clerk of Court

Our mission is to serve the public by providing a fair and impartial forum that ensures equal access to justice in accordance with the rule of law, protects rights and liberties of all persons, and resolves cases in a timely and efficient manner.

Senior Judge Christine M. Arguello

Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse A638 / Courtroom A602
(303) 335-2174

Uniform Practice Standards - effective January 18, 2024 (PDF)
Civil Standing Order Regarding Trial and Pretrial Procedures - Revised 2/29/2024 (PDF)
Civil Exhibit List (XLSX)
Civil Witness List (PDF)
Civil Preliminary Jury Instructions (PDF)
Civil Final Jury Instructions (PDF)
Civil Jury Verdict Form (PDF)
Criminal Practice Standards - Revised 11/2023 (PDF)
Criminal Exhibit List (XLSX)  
Criminal Witness List (PDF)  
Criminal Preliminary Jury Instructions (PDF)  
Criminal Final Jury Instructions (PDF)  
Criminal Jury Verdict Form (PDF)  
Criminal Scheduling Order (PDF)  
Initial Discovery Protocols in Certain Employment Cases (PDF)  
Judge Arguello Denver Term of Court 2024-2025 (PDF)  

Clerkship information: Senior Judge Arguello is not hiring any term clerks.